Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An apology and an explanation

in case you stopped by yesterday and were disappointed not to see a motivation post, i'm sorry. i haven't forgotten or given up, it's just a low priority this week as i am preparing for my first craft fair this weekend.
{say WHAT?!}
that's right, i'm one of "those" people that likes to make things with my two little hands, and i'm actually trying to sell my work this weekend at Arts in the Park
just in case you haven't seen it, i've got a little etsy shop set up, so if you're interested in some hand-printed goodies, you can purchase them no matter where you are.

as for your weekly motivation, never fear, it will be here next monday! i'm also hoping to add a few more regular features, so bear with me as i begin to post more often!

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