Tuesday, March 20, 2012


i am finding that maintaining this blog and really making it what i want it to be is more work than i had imagined. i want to write consistently, and provide interesting content, but there is so much involved that it takes more time and energy than i have right now.

it's not shocking, when i list all my current goals, and then consider the housekeeping and work hours that i'm responsible for, and let's not forget that i'm now thirty-four weeks pregnant.
what's a girl to do?

honestly, i'm beginning to look at how i spend my time. on the best days, it looks like this:

most of my mornings are the same; i wake up with a two-year-old, get both of us fed and dressed and then get to work around the house. sometimes we leave the house, to run errands or play at the park, but there's almost always dishes and laundry before naptime. i'm so lucky, i get to take a nap everyday, though it's short on the days i have to work, and i'm sure it'll will change once there are two kids around here!

work days are hard, as i miss out on the second half of my son's day, and i have to spend four to six hours on my feet, taking care of other people. by the time i get home, both the husband and son are sound asleep, and i am exhausted, my legs and feet aching, and i sink into bed, wishing i had a little energy or time to get something else done.

because i work in the food service industry, i typically work weekend nights, which makes this a four-day cycle of toddler patrol, house cleaning, and work.

{that might be why i just can't seem to get those motivation posts written for monday morning. i'm hoping to find a solution, so that i can continue to post those, it's a good way to motivate myself as well as everyone who stops by.}

even on the nights i'm off, there's still dinner to be cooked, housework to wrap up, and night-time routines to   go through {and i've not even mentioned trying to build my online shop and inventory!}. there hasn't been time recently to do any creative work or brainstorming, and even my reading list is suffering.

{let's not even get started on maintaining my social life!}

i hope this doesn't come across as whining or complaining, i am so grateful that i am home 75% of the time, and i'm thankful for a job that pays our bills in so few hours. i'm proud of myself, that i'm putting in the effort to maintain my house and raise my son, and i love my life, even the challenges that i face. i know i am becoming a better person everyday i put in the effort, it's just hard to see that progress when i face the same chores everyday.

the point  in writing this post is to really look at how my time is spent, and see if i can shape my week to really meet all of my goals.

this blog is one of those goals, and it's going to take some time to have the time and content to share with you consistently. even just sharing like this is difficult, as it comes from a place of vulnerability, but i want to be real, and i'd rather share the simple details of my life than not share at all.

please stay tuned, and keep me in your prayers, as i strive to balance all the things i want for my life and family.


  1. Are those cards in the top photo mine? They are gorgeous!

  2. They sure are! :) I'm actually going to list them now.