Monday, February 13, 2012

Motivation 2.13.12

Guilt Ridden Glasses

let's get nerdy.
i've got a few motivation posts lined up that are based on some scientific principles.

i'm not a science buff, but i've often heard these principles used to present psychological/spiritual truths, and i've been studying up, because i don't want to misrepresent the actual science being used.
if you'll bear with me as i talk through some of the technical stuff, i promise it will be worth it. there really are some applications that you can use in your personal growth.

Ready? Here we go:

I'm pretty sure most of us understand the principle of inertia, even if we don't recognize the word. You know, the whole "An object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object in motion tends to stay in motion."

If that doesn't ring a bell, just re-read that sentence, and then come back, because I'm going to explain it anyway. This is Isaac Newton's first law of motion, and it helps to describe the law as it happens in space. Because we live on a planet, all our experiences with physics are affected by gravity. I'm sure we'll talk about that at some point, too.

In space, objects in motion, such as planets, asteroids, comets, et cetera will continue in their motion indefinitely, and objects not in motion will remain that way as well, so long as nothing alters that state.

Consider the moon, it circles the earth continually, and will probably do so for the rest of our lives. This is INERTIA at work. Unless some force or object disturbs the natural state of the moon, it will remain in motion.

Congratulations, you now understand the first law of motion. Right?

So, what does that have to do with you? Or productivity? Consider any goal you may have at the current moment; I'll use the generic goal of running three times a week for an example.

When you first decide to start running, and even before that moment, you can consider yourself an object at rest. This goal will remain inactive until you act upon it, giving it momentum. There are millions of people who would like to run three times a week, but who never get off the couch. Because there is no force acting upon the goal, they remain in a state of INERTIA.

If you have been running for years, you are an object in motion, and you will probably continue running, until some major event halts your momentum. Because this is a natural state for you, you too are in a state of INERTIA.

So, how is this encouraging? Where is the motivation?

Inertia can work for you, or against you.

When you begin to pursue a new goal, it may feel like it's stuck, without movement. Inertia is hard to overcome, because it requires FORCE, but it can be done.

If you find yourself looking at that never-started project, take heart. Just because the natural tendency is to remain motionless doesn't mean that you can't get this done. Choose not to be an object at rest. Act upon your goals and you will see the momentum build.

If you've been in the swing of things for years, and have no problem keeping up with your goals, ROCK ON! Inertia is working in your favor, and I'm sure you've seen it keep you going. Just remember that there are outside forces trying to cut in on you and slow you down.

In either case, keep your eye on the goal and keep moving forward.


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